March 15, 2023

Empowering Digital Creators with Craig Swanson Ep. 112

Empowering Digital Creators with Craig Swanson Ep. 112

Craig Swanson can pull back the veil of wizardry on founding CreativeLive as well as partnering to push course creators like Sue Bryce, Susan Stripling, and Kaisa Keranen to the multi-million dollar mark, and even acquisition.

A couple particular anecdotes that he could cover:

Listening as a Superpower to Scale – with KaisaFit, Craig learned that listening is truly your biggest superpower to scale a business. When you implement a strategy that gathers massive amounts of feedback from your customers, they are essentially handing you the keys to growth. He could break down how he helped sell $1,135,812 of KaisaFits’ $29 Mobility Program in 18 months for your listeners; walking them through their aggressive review strategy, learnings from a 0.8% refund rate, and pricing considerations.

How to Scale Without Swelling – When Craig and the team at Sue Bryce Education underwent due diligence for acquisition, they failed (the first time). The standout criticism was that they weren't preparing the business to run without the flagship founder, Sue Bryce. Instead, they were adding complexity that required critical participation from her and leadership. Craig would love to help your listeners learn from this case, and his time growing CreativeLive, to share how entrepreneurs can scale without swelling, building a business that lifts weight from the original founder(s).

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