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In 2011, I suffered a severe injury. I tore a pectoral muscle while bench pressing. I was shocked and angry at myself. Why, 7 years after college sports, was I lifting heavy weights? Now, as an instructor pilot in the Navy, I couldn't fly, I couldn't workout, and I had a painful surgery and long recovery ahead. I was consumed with sadness and self-loathing.

Leading up to this incident, I was a skeptic. I'd roll my eyes at stories of silver linings and turning lemons to lemonade. Sure, there might be some good outcomes from a 'positive mental attitude,' but not in most cases. My first reaction was to dwell on my misery and irresponsibility.

But I had an entrepreneurial itch. Was this the best opportunity to take a shot at creating something with energy, inspiration, and purpose?

During my Naval career, jumping rope became my favorite fitness tool. It was portable for all my traveling and always a fun challenge compared to boring cardio routines.

Even better - I discovered weighted ropes. An amazing workout I didn't know existed. The ones I used broke due to terrible designs, but a seed was planted.

What about a Cross-training jump rope? Amazing quality with ropes that can be swapped to provide an awesome variety of jump rope fitness experiences ... 'Crossrope.'

I didn't have any business or fitness industry experience. Just a library card and determination. Many founders are touted as visionaries who saw the future and took bold action. I laugh because my experience has been the opposite. I began fearful of failure, but now Crossrope has far eclipsed what I could have imagined. That is a testament to the incredible team we've built that brings energy, talent, and purpose. Crossrope is definitely a different way to find joy in getting healthy and staying fit.

Though there are many influences shaping our culture, but I love our core value of striving for continuous improvement. We bring enthusiastic efforts to employee experience, customer experience, and product development, synthesizing internal innovative ideas with customer feedback. It's been incredible to see the life-changing experience shares of our customers, the successes of our team, and momentum of Crossrope. I'm filled with gratitude every day and excited for the path we're on.

If the idea of striving to become world-class at what you do in support of a mission to bring joy, confidence, and inspiration through jump rope fitness sounds interesting, take a look at our job openings or shoot me a note. We're excited to continue building an amazing team!

Aug. 23, 2022

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In 2011, I suffered a severe injury. I tore a pectoral muscle while bench pressing. I was shocked and angry at myself. Why, 7 yea…

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