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Lauren Messiah

Style Expert, Entrepreneur, Digital Influencer, Educator

Lauren Messiah is a Los Angeles based personal stylist, speaker, educator, and style expert

Her career started as a celebrity stylist back in 2009. Shortly after, she changed the course of her career and began styling everyday women instead. That is when Lauren discovered she had the unique ability to change the way people feel about themselves through her styling services.

Lauren provides styling services through virtual services, books, videos, and her online learning platform, “Personal Style University.”

Lauren is also the CEO of School of Style, "the fashion school for stylists."

Lauren Messiah has been featured in Marie Claire, The New York Times, Italian Vogue, VH1, KTLA, The Huffington Post, and The Wall Street Journal.

Jan. 26, 2021

How Lauren Messiah Made the Leap into her Successful Personal Brand E…

Lauren Messiah has 83,000 subscribers and 10mm views on her YouTube Channel, just exited her first company and is doubling down on her own personal brand. Lauren tells it like it is and gives us a peek into how she …

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