March 16, 2021

How to Prove Authority with your LinkedIn Profile with Belinda Aramide Ep. 9

With more than 1 million content views on LinkedIn and over 10 years of executive sales experience, Belinda is an expert in leveraging LinkedIn for thought leadership positioning and generating sales qualified leads. She believes that tapping into and sharing ones' vast professional experiences on the platform, in a way that adds to the conversation and highlights the great work being done within organizations, effectively generates industry respect and drives revenue.

She's since developed the Salesfluence™ Method to develop a strong personal brand (on LinkedIn) specifically for Thought Leadership Development & lead generation.

Where to Find Belinda

Top Tech Tools

  • Airtable for content planning.
  • Clickup for project planning (Asana is comparable).
  • The Linkedin app
  • Slack for communicating with my team
  • Voxer for communicating via voice note/text with clients


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Belinda Aramide

Owner, Salesfluence Consulting