Jan. 14, 2021

What is the Fascinating Entrepreneur Podcast all About?

What is the Fascinating Entrepreneur Podcast all About?

This is the inaugural episode. The first of many. The introduction of what I hope you will love as much as I do. I want to discover what makes these fascinating fellow entrepreneurs tick, what leads to their successes and also learn about the challenges they have overcome. 

I will be asking them about the strategies that were in place to make them a success and what strategies they'll rely on to grow and scale. In essence, I hope to get out of them as much as I can to give to you, the listener so that you can be inspired and educated to move forward in your own endeavors.

Who the heck am I and why should you listen to my interviews?

I’ve spent 20+ years (since I was 19, really) as an entrepreneur, and professional musician, and have grown into many other things. Speaker, author, advisor are some of the things that have come to me in the last 5 or so years.

I own a profitable multi-million dollar company based in San Francisco that does events in major markets all over the world. I’ve hunkered down and studied business and entrepreneurship at Babson College, MIT, and Harvard as well as have been taught, advised and mentored by extremely smart, talented, and dedicated leaders. I’m also asked to advise entrepreneurs by Inc. Magazine in their consultant's corner at their conferences. I’ve been interviewed and quoted in Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal to name a few. Yes, I still think it’s VERY cool when I’m asked. It will never get old.

I love helping people find their ultimate joy in their business and life. In fact, I helped someone transition from her boring life-sucking (but well-paid) dental supply sales job into her dream career- owning a holistic pet food store. I also helped someone go from being a production artist at a big advertising agency to owning her own very successful jewelry design company in San Francisco.

I’ve helped business-owners with much higher revenues than my own and in different sectors from all over the world. I’ve heard I provide great, valuable information. And if don’t have the experience for the issue you come into, I know at least 10+ people deep that do.

I’m on a mission to help educate 1 Million entrepreneurs in scaling and growing their companies so they can live an even fuller life, contribute to the economy, create jobs, and pay it forward.

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