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Patrick Bryant

Serial Entrepreneur & CEO of CODE/+/TRUST

Patrick Bryant is serial entrepreneur, professional speaker, and co-founder and CEO of Charleston-based software product agency CODE/+/TRUST. After co-founding his first company Go To Team, the largest staff video crew provider in the U.S., and taking it to 20 offices around the US 25 years ago, his bio is then a steady stream of starting new businesses in media, rolling papers, and software.

As a serial entrepreneur, he continues to start and invest in new startups including, Teamphoria (human resource engagement software), Event.Gives (fundraising event software), Crew Mama (crew production directory software) & Shine Rolling Papers. All told, Patrick has successfully launched 6 (& counting) multi-million dollar companies.

Bryant feels strongly about making the world a better place through the impact of entrepreneurship. He serves as the co-Director of Startup Grind DC, is a Trustee of Trident Tech, works on the SC Department of Workforce & Employment Workforce Review Committee, founded and currently chairs the Harbor Entrepreneur Center, and was previously Chairman of Palmetto Goodwill as well as the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce. He’s also recognized as a Liberty Fellow by Wofford College and the Aspen Institute, as a Riley Fellow by Furman University, and is a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network. Bryant is also an Entrepreneur Organization Certified Speaker.

The keys to his entrepreneurial success are now the founding principles taught to start-up founders in the Harbor Accelerator, a 14-week program offered to 16 companies a year in Charleston, SC. Each company selected receives free space, mentorship, access to investors, and free services like marketing, legal, and accounting.

The same principles used at the Harbor Accelerator are now also the primary focus of his professional speaking engagements. Concentrated on innovation, scalability, and execution, Patrick has created a 3-part framework that entrepreneurs at fast growing companies can use to craft products and services that are made for growth. In addition, through the study of hundreds of business models, Bryant created the Business Growth Score, which is designed to analyze the perfect business idea.

Patrick currently splits his time between homes in Isle of Palms, SC and Washington, DC. When he’s not leading his business or mentoring other entrepreneurs to success, Bryant enjoys traveling, flying his drone, and spending time with his sons Pate and Jack.

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Oct. 25, 2022

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Patrick Bryant is serial entrepreneur, professional speaker, and co-founder and CEO of Charleston-based software product agency C…

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