Fascinating Entrepreneurs

Value-packed podcast!

Natasha has inspiring guests on the show, and I love that she doesn’t ask them the typical questions we could learn from a Google search. Deep and insightful. Every entrepreneur should have this among their favorites.

Great insights!

Nice to learn from the best!

Love the show!

I love this podcast because it provide actionable insights for fellow entrepreneurs while shedding light on fascinating stories from like minded individuals.

So insightful… One of my favorite podcasts to listen!

I absolutely love this podcast. The conversations with the entrepreneurs are so insightful and I always walk away with simple step actions that I can implement in my business. I highly recommend it.

So…good!!!! This is done so well!

I’m only a handful of episodes in and have gained sooo much from this podcast, I had to leave a review here. From tangible and actionable input to feeling extremely connected to these founders’ story - it’s been by far one of the most highest impact podcasts I’ve ever come across. YES! So happy I found this.

Clear, Consistent and On Point Business Advice

Fantastic podcast for any business owner or entrepreneur.

Amazing Show! 🔥

I love the quality of the show as well as Natasha’s conversations with her guests. Always full of valuable insights and topics for business owners as well as entrepreneurs, I love listening to her new episodes with guests from all over the world! Keep up the great work!!

Great Podcast

Great podcast with different entrepreneurs and insights into other industries.


One of my new fav podcasts!

LOVED Lauren Rieckhoff

So cool, fascinating and fun. And sex and the city stories!!! Bravo!!

Love the convo with Jenny

So interesting to hear about the business behind TV, rather than just the project itself or the actors involved. Her story is fascinating!!!

For Those Who ❤️ Entrepreneurship!

Natasha is an Inspiring Entrepreneur with many talents including bringing together other interesting Entrepreneurs into her podcast world! She asks good questions & in each episode you walk away with a glimpse of being in another Entrepreneur’s shoes, new perspective & exciting ideas. A must listen to for those who love Entrepreneurship! - Celi, AdsLikeAPro.com

Learning SO much!

Natasha is great at pulling out the key info and strategic tips that her guests can deliver on for her audience. Hit that SUBSCRIBE button and thank me later! 🔥🎧🔥 -Adam from Podcasting Business School

Achieve a higher level of success!

Achieve a higher level of success by tuning in to Fascinating Entrepreneurs with Natasha Miller. Truly inspiration and insights that transform businesses and lives. Karen Briscoe, author and podcast host 5 Minute Success

Love This podcast

Always a great listen. Natasha does wonderful interviews chock full of practical ideas and insights, but she also draws out passion and emotion

Great Podcast

I enjoy the way Natasha asks all the rights questions and gets down to the bottom of why entrepreneurs choose to do what they do, how they scale and grow their businesses? Natasha has a very calming approach with an extremely friendly demeanor.

Fascinating Entrepreneurs

What a great podcast! Natasha is a calm host while still delivering powerful interviews for the audience. Ep. 17 with Anna David is one of the most honest conversations on writing I’ve ever heard. Do yourself a favor and support this show.

Awesome Content

Natasha does such a good job covering a variety of topics. The guests offer valuable insight as well. I would recommend this podcast to anyone looking to be inspired and informed!

Great podcast.

Natasha’s style is calming yet hard hitting with questions. She really does a great job of extracting information from her guests.

This is AMAZING!

Well, if I do say so myself. This is my podcast. I'm excited to launch it and hope to hear back from you after you listen to the episodes. I hope it inspires you and gives you great ideas for your own endeavors. Thank you! Natasha

Great for discovering new brands + amazing entrepreneurs

Loved hearing about Sugarwish (my new go-to gift!) can’t wait to listen to more episodes and discover new brands!

Natasha is amazingly helpful

I'm a new entrepreneur and listening to Natasha’s podcast has helped me to think about my business in a new light. The speakers she has on her podcast inspires me to improve my skill set and my business goals. I would recommend her to any new entrepreneur who wants to learn how to do things better.

Great perspectives...

Honestly I love the perspectives, simplicity and the energy. Lots of Golden Nuggets. Excited for more episodes.

An Entrepreneur's Playbook

This is a great place to listen to the ups and downs (mostly ups) of successful entreprenuers. Natasha has a lineup of quality guests and there's a lot of tips to learn from their experiences!

Love this Podcast!!

Being an entrepreneur I’m fascinated how Kristi Peihl was blunt and honest how she was successful in her first entrepreneurial endeavors. This has definitely inspired me to want to learn more and better my business!! I’m going to keep listening as Natasha asks great questions and gets great honest answers!! Keep up the great work!!

Do Not sleep on this podcast!!

This podcast is the vehicle of information when it comes to entrepreneurship. Her questions were everything that I wanted to know and more that kept pulling out useful practices that anyone can start using. As a 35 year old I been stuck trying to figure out the next steps to my small business to level up on she encourages and educates between her knowledge and the people she is interviewing keeps me interested and a note pad to bring back to the table.

Authentic and diverse!

Love that Natasha talks to entrepreneurs across all industries. Her passion and drive is apparent and I’m glad I came across this podcast 🙌🏾

An Extremely Genuine Voice For Entrepreneurs Everywhere

Separating herself From the thousands of Entreprenur podcasts out there today that all can sometimes seem similar to each other Natasha has been able to break through the mold and cultivate riveting conversations and create an authentic and genuine voice for entrepreneurs everywhere. Really recommend spending some time going through these episodes and broadening your perspective in the space

Very insightful!

Entrepreneurialism is a space that is very broad and needs to hear stories such as these from other entrepreneurs whom have experience in that lane. If you are an inspiring entrepreneur, it’s very informative and critical analysis here you can use that can help you get your brand/business to the next level.

Fascinating Entrepreneurs

I’m also a podcaster and avid podcast listener as well. I devour podcasts about entrepreneurs! It’s a little frustrating when I hear podcasts that are dry and repetitive. However, Natasha Miller’s show is not that! Fascinating is a perfect description because her shows have been interesting, authentic, and left me wanting more. Please follow her podcast and listen closely…I promise you you’ll be hooked and learn a lot of entrepreneurial tactics and strategies along the way.