Fascinating Entrepreneurs

Great perspectives...

Honestly I love the perspectives, simplicity and the energy. Lots of Golden Nuggets. Excited for more episodes.

An Entrepreneur's Playbook

This is a great place to listen to the ups and downs (mostly ups) of successful entreprenuers. Natasha has a lineup of quality guests and there's a lot of tips to learn from their experiences!

Love this Podcast!!

Being an entrepreneur I’m fascinated how Kristi Peihl was blunt and honest how she was successful in her first entrepreneurial endeavors. This has definitely inspired me to want to learn more and better my business!! I’m going to keep listening as Natasha asks great questions and gets great honest answers!! Keep up the great work!!

Do Not sleep on this podcast!!

This podcast is the vehicle of information when it comes to entrepreneurship. Her questions were everything that I wanted to know and more that kept pulling out useful practices that anyone can start using. As a 35 year old I been stuck trying to figure out the next steps to my small business to level up on she encourages and educates between her knowledge and the people she is interviewing keeps me interested and a note pad to bring back to the table.

Authentic and diverse!

Love that Natasha talks to entrepreneurs across all industries. Her passion and drive is apparent and I’m glad I came across this podcast 🙌🏾

An Extremely Genuine Voice For Entrepreneurs Everywhere

Separating herself From the thousands of Entreprenur podcasts out there today that all can sometimes seem similar to each other Natasha has been able to break through the mold and cultivate riveting conversations and create an authentic and genuine voice for entrepreneurs everywhere. Really recommend spending some time going through these episodes and broadening your perspective in the space

Very insightful!

Entrepreneurialism is a space that is very broad and needs to hear stories such as these from other entrepreneurs whom have experience in that lane. If you are an inspiring entrepreneur, it’s very informative and critical analysis here you can use that can help you get your brand/business to the next level.

Fascinating Entrepreneurs

I’m also a podcaster and avid podcast listener as well. I devour podcasts about entrepreneurs! It’s a little frustrating when I hear podcasts that are dry and repetitive. However, Natasha Miller’s show is not that! Fascinating is a perfect description because her shows have been interesting, authentic, and left me wanting more. Please follow her podcast and listen closely…I promise you you’ll be hooked and learn a lot of entrepreneurial tactics and strategies along the way.

Natasha is a Queen!

Natasha Miller is smart, soulful and successful. What else could you want from the host of a show about fascinating entrepreneurs? I love how prepared she is but also how much she goes with the flow so that listening to an episode is really like being a fly on the wall of two power people talking.

Really Great Content by an even MORE impressive Host!

With so many podcasts on the market today, it is so hard to break through the noise. I was recently turned on to Fascinating Entrepreneurs Podcast by a friend of mine, and after tuning into a couple of episodes, it has made it’s way into my weekly routine! I literally leave 1 un-listened episode in my queue simply because I hate the thought of running out of Natasha content! Keep it up - HUGE fan!!

Practical takeaways

I love how Natasha asks questions that make the guest get specific and really breakdown the day to day and tactics behind being an entrepreneur.

Love this! ❤️

I just listened to this interview with my friend Kara Goldin, CEO of Hint water and was so impressed with the flow and how in-depth the interview was. So interesting, so much fun and great energy!

One of the better business podcasts

Natasha leads a dynamic podcast and properly researches her guests. I’ve found this to be one of the better business podcasts, as it encompasses a great mixture of both entertaining and informative.


Natasha is the true entrepreneur for creating this podcast for all of us to learn and teaching us how to grow our businesses and become better! I can’t wait to listen every week!

Such a great concept

Marketing certainly is a 24 hour business and it’s programs like these that help you understand that whole concept and to also maximize your potential. Great job Natasha!

Great show concept and topics!

I love to hear about successful business owners and their successes and stories. Great show!

1 word....

Amazing show!! Okay that was 2!!

I love this podcast!

Natasha is so insightful, the title says it all, definitely fascinating entrepreneurs. This show is so interesting and entertaining to any entrepreneur. ❤️

Truly Fascinating!!!

Natasha hits it out of the park with this incredible podcast dedicated to entrepreneurship. Listen to this show, and you will glean valuable insights that you can apply to your own entrepreneurial journey. Every episode packs inspiration!

Great Podcast (Entertaining Informative)

Thought the podcast was hosted with great synchronicity with the guests. Learned a lot about Josh’s business and mindset and found both informational and informative. Really enjoyed it and looking forward to more.

Looking forward to more!

What a great start, Natasha. I can't wait to hear new episodes!!

How insightful!

Love hearing all the beautiful experiences entrepreneurs are sharing in this podcast! So inspiring 🤩

Natasha is a great interviewer and host

Not only are her guests fascinating, Natasha herself has a fascinating and inspiring story of going from musician to entrepreneur. -Glenn Allen

Incredible Information!

Get your business moving! Natasha will help you do this! Such great information, I can’t wait to implement what I have learned. Thank you Natasha!

Timely and relevant

Thank you, Natasha! As a caterer, I really wanted to hear from Josh and I was not disappointed. As so many of us are pivoting these days, sharing experiences and insights becomes critical. Keep them coming!

The inside scoop

Tough questions and actionable answers abound in this new podcast. Natasha gets down to what you need to know to level up.

Love the show!

This is such an amazing show with such an amazing host. Natasha is such a great storyteller and post keeping you engaged the whole way through. Plus I know she has some fantastic guests that you will learn a ton as I am learning a ton. What a great mix of business, marketing and life in one podcast show.


Natasha is motivating and inspirational. I love hearing her positivity and optimistic outlook. -David M.

Right insights at the right time

I was already a fan of Natasha and her fearless, passionate, curious approach to small business. Love seeing her bring her voice and those of other small businesses to this podcast.

Excellent show

Natasha is a killer host, and the insights she’s bringing to this podcast are invaluable!